Building A Brighter Future

Together we will rebuild our educational foundation that will be strong enough to support our students’ academic needs. We will retool ourselves to ensure we have the capacity and the ability to produce students that are college and career ready. Lastly, we will begin to restore the community’s faith and confidence in this educational system and restore the ‘Blue Bishop pride’ of this iconic city by the sea.
- Dr. Lamont Repollet


Develop a high-performing organization by examining the organizational structure, policies and procedures for efficient school operations and consistent leadership.


Complete district-wide curriculum review to ensure all district approved academic courses have curricula that is aligned to Common Core State Standards and in compliance with the Quality Single Accountability Continuum (QSAC).


Assess current educational programs and student learning to ensure schools are creating the optimal learning environments for all students.


Collaborate with Asbury Park stakeholders in the educational process by engaging parents, community and business leaders.

Our Promise

  1. High standards and expectations of students.
  2. Effective School Leadership
  3. High Levels of Collaboration and Communication
  4. Curriculum, instruction and assessments aligned with Common Core standards
  1. Frequent monitoring of learning and teaching
  2. Focused professional development
  3. A Supportive learning environment
  4. High level of family and community involvement​
Football Amira

Our Mission

Asbury Park School District provides all students with a comprehensive and progressive education where everyone possesses the skills and character to succeed in a diverse, evolving global society.

The Asbury Park School District will provide each and every student with a comprehensive academic foundation. The administration understands that this task cannot be completed without the collaboration of all staff, parents, and community members. In order to accomplish this goal, it is understood that children must be raised in a healthy and safe environment and will seek the cooperation of all available support services. The District believes that all students should have the opportunity to express themselves through athletics, the arts, and other vocational interests.

The Asbury Park School District is committed to laying the groundwork for producing well-rounded young men and women who will have many choices for their future. The Asbury Park School District understands that learning begins at birth; consequently, the District recognizes the importance of starting education early. As a result, we offer an early childhood development program for 3 and 4 year old preschool children in addition to our regular K-12 educational programs. As students come from diverse backgrounds and heritages, the District provides Bilingual Education and programs for Limited English Proficient students and their families. Adults are welcome to our Alternate Learning Center or Evening School. No students having handicaps of any nature will be prevented from receiving a fair and appropriate education.