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Asbury Park Professional Development and Instructional Growth
Goal:  Increase student achievement by providing a rich variety of engaging and motivating learning resources that are effective, convenient, and sustainable for all staff members.
Professional development for new and experienced staff is an exceptional opportunity for you to grow your craft and build professional relationships.  Experienced staff have knowledge and an accumulation of varied experience, yet need the time to identify and often learn from each other what specific information, skill and strategies actually work. New staff often come to us with varied background experiences, whether you're a newbie to your field, or just to our District, there's a lot to learn and you have a lot to share.  
Education and training adds substantial value to the development, management, and delivery of all services we provide as members of the Asbury Park School District.  The Professional Development and Instructional Growth site will serve to keep you informed of all we are doing to promote education for our students, faculty and staff.  
We are all lifelong learners, invested in education.  Workshops, Seminars, and Professional Learning Community interactions are scheduled daily, weekly and monthly throughout the year to promote this learning.  As members of an educational community, we must lead by example and show our students that education is a lifelong journey.  We are always learning, we are always growing.  Collegiality and openness to new ideas, honest communication, and the pursuit of knowledge is the best example we can set for our future leaders.
All the best to you in your journey and pursuit of knowledge.

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