Reach Higher


Dear Asbury Park School District Family,

As you know, this past Tuesday, April 26th we implemented First Lady, Michelle Obama’s Reach Higher Initiative across our district. Hundreds of K-12 students and staff participated across the district by wearing college gear. The gear worn here in Asbury Park, represented colleges attended by staff, family members, friends and most importantly, the college’s our students aspire to attend when they complete their high school career.

The Reach Higher Initiative was designed to help achieve the President’s “North Star” goal-that by 2020, America will once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world. Through this initiative, we are showing our students that anyone can get a higher education. We encourage all students to #ReachHigher as we continue #BuildingABrighterFuture in Asbury Park.




Dr. Lamont Repollet

Superintendent, Asbury Park School District                                           

Extra Resources

Asbury Park High School

APHS had administration,staff and student participation in the #ReachHigher initiative.  Out of 44 instructional staff 27 wore college gear and 113 students participated and almost all other staff members participated as well. Together, we are #BuildingABrighterFuture ---- Principal​ R. Mirthil

Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School
Barack Obama Elementary School

Barack Obama Elementary School had 32 staff participants and two full classrooms, plus a sprinkling of students throughout the building. So, all together, let’s say 55 students.

Everyone at BOES was excited and proud to sport their college gear. Teachers were especially proud to wear their children’s college gear. My school nurse told the story of how she asked her son for his college hoodie, and he took it off and washed it for her. Many people told stories and reminisced about their college days. All in all it was a fun-filled day.  ---- Prinicipal K. Baumgardner 


Bradley Elementary School

We had between 45-50 staff members participate by wearing college gear and many students as well. 

Bradley University was determined to show is College Day colors on Wednesday, April 27th.  The teachers and students were excited.  Students were asking questions about the colleges and universities that staff attended.  The walls were decorated throughout the school with the names a logos of schools around the country.  Our 4th graders took a trip to Rutgers University and were given a tour of several facilities there.  They enjoyed the college experience for a day. #LearnersTodayLeadersTomorrow #BuildingABrighterFuture #ReachHigher

Thank you to all who participated. It was a great event and we look forward to it being even better next year!

Principal Ruiz



Thurgood Marshall Elementary School
District Participants

Central Office also participated in the #ReachHigher initiative to continue what this #HardHatNation does best #BuidlingABrighterFuture