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Dear Parents/Guardians,

We here in the Asbury Park Unified School District, Office of Security and Safety understand that you may have concerns about the safety of your children and all children and about safety and security measures and practices that are in place and carried out daily in our district at each of our schools.

As the security administrator and investigator for the District, I wanted you to be aware of the security measures already in place throughout the district and the efforts to reinforce those measures.

Routinely our security officers and school staff engages in conversation regarding security expectations related to security of all outside entrance doors and heightened alertness at front entrance doors, where students, staff visitors and the public come; all workers having appropriate photo identification; and clear enforcement of monitoring and visibility plans of the school building and school grounds.

Our security staff and administrators and Union frequently review our Districtwide School Safety Plan which was recently updated and reviewed the Lockdown Response Reference Guide, our emergency Flip Book and our Share 911 app along with our Security and Safety Protocols. We are doing all that we can to make sure all safety measures are fully operational because we understand that if our Students don’t feel safe they won’t learn and if teachers don’t feel safe they won’t teach…

For your information: 

  • Security cameras are routinely monitored at the front entrance, exterior of the school, and throughout the school building.
  • The school works closely with the Asbury Park Police Department, and has 3 full time School Resource Officers assigned to the District who are present in our buildings on a varying schedule during the day and at school events.
  • The school engages in school wide emergency drills for fire drills, shelter-in-place drills, modified lockdowns 1 and 2, reverse lockdown, evacuations, Medical Alerts, AED training, Storm Training, Power Outage, and lockdown procedures.
  • Security monitoring devices and safety practices are continuously evaluated, tested, and updated in conjunction with the Superintendent vision on safety.

As an additional safety measure, our school implements a safety procedure for all visitors and guests who attempt to enter our school buildings. A driver’s license, or government issued ID card, will be required for entrance into our buildings. At the front entrance a scanning device (metal detector) has been installed which scans persons for weapons. All parents, guests, and visitors will be asked to exchange ID with the security officer at the entry desk at which time they will issue you a visitors pass. Your ID will be returned when you are ready to leave the building.

It is important that everyone understand that our security measures that we have in place are to protect the safety of our students, staff and school building. Please note that no one will be given access to our building without presenting a current driver’s license and/or photo ID card.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have about school safety and security.

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