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PARCC and Asbury Park School District

A New Piece of the Academic Check Up

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PARCC Parent Resources


The PARCC assessments serve as an "educational GPS system," assessing students' current performance, and pointing the way to what students need to learn to be ready for the next grade level and, by high school graduation, for college and/or a career.

The PARCC assessments are designed to give schools and teachers more information to improve instruction. Moreover, PARCC is designed to let parents know how their child is progressing academically. This more detailed information can lead to strong engagement between parents and teachers.

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Parent Guide ELA

Parent Guide Math

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Practice Tests

PARCC Student Resources


The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) is a group of states working together to develop a modern assessment that replaces previous state standardized tests in reading, writing, and math.

It not only evaluates each student's progress, but also provides better information for teachers and parents to identify where you need help, or are excelling, so they are able to enhance instruction to meet your inpidual needs.

Not just a multiple-choice bubble test, PARCC challenges you to think, solve real-world problems, and explain your answers. Plus, the online format makes answering the questions more engaging.

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Practice Tests

Test Questions

PARCC Educator Resources


The PARCC consortium of states has a wealth of resources for educators, covering issues from test design to technology tutorials.

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Dynamic Learning Maps

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Top 12 Resources

PARCC Information form NJ DOE


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PARCC Benefits Students & Teachers

Parent Academy for Student Success

The New Jersey Department of Education's model for home/school partnerships - The Parent Academy for Student Success (PASS) provides documents and support tools intended to complement information about the state's academic standards and annual assessments for students. The PASS model provides resources, materials, and opportunities for parents and educators to build home/school partnerships in the best interest of students' academic success. For information on the NJDOE PASS model go to: Please send questions to: [email protected].

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Communicating Results to Families

Communicating Results to Students

Dynamic Learning Map

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