Art Teacher Provides Brushstrokes of Inspiration

Art Teacher Provides Brushstrokes of Inspiration
Posted on 12/14/2023

Although Jill Rosker has only worked at the Asbury Park School District since January 2023, her impact is already being felt. Each day, Rosker uses her passion for art to inspire and motivate her students. This Q&A offers insight into her journey.


What made you want to be an art teacher?  I had really good experiences with art teachers. They were really inspirational to me. They praised me for taking risks in my art and that type of relationship made me want to provide that to other students. Having someone believe in me when I was group up kind of made me want to provide that to other students when I was old enough to do that.


What is your favorite genre? Painting but went to college for photography and I would eventually like to bring that into the school as well.


Educational background: Undergraduate  degree from Lafayette College with a major in art with a concentration in photography and a minor in Spanish. Masters degree from Montclair State University in Teacher Art PreK-12. Also holds a teaching certification for students with disabilities.


Favorite part about being in the Asbury Park School District? I think the relationships that I’ve been able to build with the students. I fell like throughout, they are able to express themselves, which is really important. They know I care about them and want to see them succeed. Not every students likes art, but I encourage them to try it out and to give their best effort.


Greatest challenge? Like most educators, that time is limited. I only have on prep every other day. We have 80-minute blocks so that can be especially had with sixth graders. They are 11 years old. It’s a long time so I vary the instruction.


Goals? Starting an enrichment program this month. The students had to apply by sharing their portfolio of work. There will be 12 participants selected. The class will be during school hours and they students will come during their lunch period. They will receive a prompt or genre and will have freedom to explore. These students really have a strong desire to learn and improve. The work is not graded but will offer a self-guided approach to certain art-making techniques.


Favorite artist? Georgia O’Keefe because she does a lot of abstract work with flowers. I struggle in that space. Van Gough because he has a looser style that inspired me as a younger artist. His work is blended. He taught me that art doesn’t have to be about perfection. It’s about the process. You can achieve those things in different ways. Studying his work helped me to grow as a painter.

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